How to Sign Into Box Sync

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After Box Sync is installed on your computer, you must sign into it in order for it to sync your files to Box.

Please take the following steps:

1) In the Box Sync window, you will see a link for "Use Single Sign-On (SSO). Click it.

2) On the next screen, enter your full email address in the field and click the "Log In" button.

3) On the next screen, enter your full email address and your password. Then, click the "LOG IN" button.

4) Once you are logged in, you will see a message that says "Welcome to Box Sync." Click on the "Start Syncing" button.

5) Drag any files you want synced to Box into the "Box Sync" folder on your computer. You can access the Box Sync folder by clicking the shortcut to Box Sync on your Desktop.

PLEASE NOTE: The first sync of files after you drag them into the Box Sync folder can take several minutes to several hours, depending on the number and size of the files. Please leave your computer turned on and connected to the Internet during this time, to help ensure that the files are synced to Box. However, even if this initial sync process is interrupted, it will begin again the next time your computer is turned on and connected to the Internet, so don't worry about it, if you have to interrupt it.