Off-campus access to the Rhodes Fileserver

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How can I access files on the Rhodes Fileserver from off-campus?


Rhodes supports SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) connections to on-campus fileserver from off-campus computers. SFTP is similar to FTP, except that the user authentication and transfer of the file is encrypted, so your information is safe.

To access your files on the Rhodes fileserver via SFTP from off-campus, you will need to download and install an SFTP program. We recommend the free software programs FileZilla or Cyberduck for both Windows and Mac users.

After downloading and installing the software, use the program's File menu to create a new connection (e.g. on FileZilla click File > Site Manager > New; Cyberduck click File > Open Connection).

Either program will display a form similar to the illustration below in which the following information is entered (not necessarily in the order presented below).

The settings you need to make the connection with your SFTP client application are:

Protocol: SFTP
Host Name:
User Name: RHODES\Rhodes username (example: RHODES\abcde-16)
Password: your_rhodes_network_password
Port number: 22 (usually the default port number)

Save or connect to the new connection (either through the File menu command or a save or connect button, and allow the program to connect.

You'll see a list of folders when the connection is successful.

Contact if you need assistance.

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