Registering a Game Console or Streaming Media Device on the ResHall_Wifi Wireless Network

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These instructions are out of date. Please follow the updated instructions here.

Members of the Rhodes community can now register game consoles and other consumer electronics – PlayStation, xBox, Wii, Kindle, newfangled Television, etc – for use on the wireless network.

You’ll need the MAC address of your devices’s wireless network adapter. The MAC Address is a number that looks something like 1a:2b:3c:a4:c5:e6 and can typically be found in the device settings or on a sticker on the device. Most devices allow you to find the MAC address in their settings. See our instructions for finding your device's MAC Address if you are having trouble finding it.

We provide this service to accommodate devices that are unable to connect to the standard Rhodes wireless network. There is no need to register smart phones and laptops, as they work fine on our standard network.

The basic procedure is:

  1. Fill out the device registration form. ITS will use this information to authorize the device for use on our Residence Hall network. We will send an email when the process is complete. Submitting a registration for a new device will not make it immediately available for use. Registration may take 48 hours.

  2. Connect your device to the ResHall_Wifi wireless network using the password iwantmymtv

  3. Responsibly enjoy the entertainment provided by this device, in a manner that is cool with your roommate.

Registration is a manual process that is done periodically and only on business days. As such, it may often take 48 hours to register your device. You will receive an email when it is complete.

Once you have registered a device you do not need to register it again in future years or if you move.