OFFICE 365 - How to Configure Your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Other Device for Rhodes Email

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You need to have a Rhodes email account in order to sync your email with your mobile device.

Here are step-by-step instructions for IPhone:

1) Select “Settings”

2) Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

3) Select “Add Account”

4) Select “Microsoft Exchange

5) Email field, enter your Rhodes email address (

6) Password field, enter your Rhodes email password

7) Select “Next” and “Continue”

8) Select what items you want to sync, and select “Save.”

Your device may ask you to confirm the security configuration. Simply select the confirmation to the security messages to complete the setup.

Server Name: OR

Here are step-by-step instructions for Android Devices:

Note: There is some variability in Android devices. You may see slightly different prompts in setting up your device. If these instructions do not work, please bring your device to the HelpDesk for additional assistance.

1) If possible, connect to Rhodes Wireless.

2) If you've already tried to setup the email on your device and failed, start over. It's hard to know in which step a mistake was made, so it's best to start fresh.

3) Open your email program. Go to the "Settings" and choose "Add account."

4) Enter your email address and password.

5) When asked what type of account it is, select "Exchange."

6) If you need to setup the details of the connection, use the following:

 Domain\Username: Put your full email address here, example:<br />
 Password: Enter the password you use for email.<br />
 Server:<br />
 Port: 443<br />
 Security type: SSL/TLS <br />

7) If all goes well, you should be able to connect to the server. You will be given synchronization options and your emails will begin downloading.

If your device reports that it has trouble contacting the server, you may have a device with an older ActiveSync client on it. This means that you must set the Server Name to something different and specific (not

To determine your Server Name:

1) Log into Outlook Web by going to

2) Click on the ? (question mark) in the top-right part of the screen.

3) Select the About option.

4) In the pop-up window, look for the "Host address" line.

5) The Server Name you should use is the part between the "https://" and the "/owa". For example, if you see "Host address:" there, put in "" (with no quotes) in as your Server Name in your mobile device.

Another option for connecting to your email on many devices is to use the Outlook app. Instructions for installing the app are available at:

Office 365 General Help



iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad):

Nokia (Symbian):

Windows Phone:

General ActiveSync:

MacOS 10.6+, Mail App:

Are you still stuck? Contact the HelpDesk at 901-843-3890, and we will be happy to assist.

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