On-campus access to the Rhodes Fileserver

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Former title - Windows and Mac Shortcuts / Icons for Fileserver (e.g. AcadDept)


I am on campus so how do I access the Rhodes fileserver? Are there shortcuts/icons to the Acad_Dept, Fac_Staff, or Student_Community folders on the Fileserver?

All computers in Barret Library have desktop shortcuts to the Acad_Dept_Pgm, Student_Community, and FacStaff_Community folders on the fileserver.

If you have a laptop, you can access the fileserver, but you'll need to enter the address manually and/or create desktop shortcuts/icons.

These work only on campus, and your device must be connected to the Rhodes_Wireless network. Instructions for off-campus connection are here.

    1. Select the Folder icon from the bottom Taskbar.

    2. Enter one of the following addresses into the Directory Path.

    Here are the addresses for the three fileserver volumes:




    3. Enter your username and password. You might need to precede your username with "Rhodes\" in order to access the fileserver.

Windows Short-Cut Solution

If you want to add a new icon/shortcut (e.g., if you didn’t have one for the Student Community), right-click anywhere on your desktop that isn’t an icon, then select "New >> Shortcut." A "Create Shortcut" window will open up. Type the appropriate address (from the list above) in the location field, then click on "Next." Then give your shortcut a name (e.g., "Student Community") and click on "Finish."

Mac Solution One

If you're on campus:

1. Click GO on the Mac Finder menu line

Alt text

2. Click "Connect to Server" option

3. Enter the URL for the folder you need:

For example: smb://fileserver1/

Alt text

4. Press CONNECT.

Login with your Rhodes username and password (not your Mac login), and then navigate to the folder you need on the Fileserver.

Mac Solution Two

How to create fileserver shortcuts on the Mac desktop

Make sure you're connected to the Rhodes_Wireless network.

Right-click on a link below (it may be necessary to hold the CTRL button and then click), and click "Download linked file as" to select your Mac desktop as the save location.

Student Community
Academic Departments & Programs
FacStaff Community

If prompted, select "Don't append" at the "Save plain txt" prompt. (Applies to the Safari browser.)

Find the icon on your desktop, and if the extension ".txt" appears in the filename, delete the extension only.

If prompted to use the extention ".inetloc", select to use it.

Double-click the icon, and allow several seconds for the connection window to appear.

Enter your Rhodes usename and password when prompted for them, and the connection will complete

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