Fileserver: What is the Rhodes Fileserver?

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ITS has set up three shared volumes on a fileserver to enable students and faculty to share files/documents:

Acad_Dept_Pgm on Rhodes Fileserver

(Academic Departments and Programs) This volume is dedicated exclusively to faculty teaching and research work. Information is organized by academic departments and academic programs.  Faculty members have been assigned folders within their respective departments. The faculty folder name is the faculty member’s full name. For example, the folder name for Gary Lindquester is “Lindquester_Gary”.

Academic Departments & Programs 

Each faculty folder contains three folders: Public, Private and InBox. Access permissions have been set to give you full control of all three folders.

  • Public: Files placed in the Public folder can be read and/or copied by anyone with a Rhodes account.
  • Private: Files placed in the Private folder can only be accessed and/or viewed by you or anyone that is setup by you.
  • InBox: The InBox is set up so that all users can move files into the InBox but they cannot view the contents of the InBox unless you give them broader access.

Files can only be placed into Public, Private and InBox folders. You cannot move a file outside these three folders. You can create and/or delete folders within any of these three folders: Public, Private and InBox.

Student_Community Folder on Rhodes Fileserver

Here are student organization folders and individual students’ folders. Students are assigned a folder with their full name. Only students can read what is put into the folder.

  Student Community Folders

Professors can copy documents to student folders but they cannot see what is in a student’s folder. Student Organizations have folders here also, and within each organizational folder is the same Public, Private and InBox structure and access.


FacStaff_Community on Rhodes Fileserver

This volume is dedicated to internal work. Only faculty and staff departments have folders here. Within each departmental folder is the same Public, Private and InBox structure and access.

Faculty and Staff Community Folders

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