Printing FAQs at Rhodes College

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Rhodes College features free printing for student, faculty, and staff.  All students are given 1000 pages of printing per year (not semester), starting around August 15th every year and going through approximately August 14th the following year. The 1000 free pages are in the form of a $100 credit, and as you attempt to print anything in Barret, you will see that amount slowly decrease.

Any pages printed in excess of the 1000 free pages costs $0.10 per page ($0.25 for the color printer).

Any outstanding bills for printing will be put the student′s account at the end of 1st term, near the end of 2nd semester, and at the end of the year-long print period. (Graduating seniors will be billed for any excess pages before graduation.)

When you attempt to print any document in any of the Rhodes College computer labs, a pop-up window will notify you of the number of pages you are trying to print and give you the option to continue printing or stop the print job.

If you elect to continue the print job, the number of pages will be deducted from your remaining free pages or, if you are out of free pages, will be applied to your printing bill.

A short delay may be experienced between clicking the Print button in an application and seeing the print pop-up window. Wait for it before heading to the printer.

NOTE: Once you have clicked "Print" to submit the job, there are no refunds or credits available. If more pages are printed than you thought would be printed (which often happens with printing web pages) or if the pages are blank because the printer is out of toner, you will still be charged for the pages.

Printing Large Documents

If the document you are printing is over 100 pages, you will need to split your print job into sections. PaperCut will only handle jobs of 100 pages or less. Larger jobs will appear to have been sent to the printer, but they will not print (and the amount will not be deducted from your allocation).

Color Printing

Color printing is also available from selected PrintHubs in Barret Library: Color printing can be found in PrintHub 115 and PrintHub 210 in Barret Library. When you go to print, select the PrintHub from the dropdown printer menu and select the color printing option before pressing PRINT.

NOTE: These color prints cost 25¢ per page and are charged against the $100 credit allocated annually (or charged to your student account if you go over your credit amount).

Printing from Your Laptop

You can use your personal computer to print .

Click here for instructions: Printer Help

Checking Printer Account Balance

To check your free printing account balance, mouse over the Papercut icon (the green P in a white square) in the bottom-right area of the screen. You can also double-click the printer icon to display a pop-up window with the same information.

If you have a positive balance, you still have free pages left. If you see a negative balance, you will owe money that will be posted to your student bill and every printed page now costs you 10 cents. If you are not sure how many free pages you have left to print, it is your responsibility to check your printing balance before printing any documents in the labs to avoid being charged.

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