Giving Others Access to Your Folders on the Fileserver

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On the Rhodes College file server ( ) you are able to change access permissions to your folders.  You will be able to give others full access to your folders and /or to subfolders that you create. Contact the Helpdesk (x3890) with questions.  If you have a Macintosh, please contact the Helpdesk as this the procedure outlined below will not work on a Macintosh.

Each of the departmental/faculty folders contain three subfolders:  Public, Private and InBox.  Access permissions have been set to give you full control of all three of these folders.

  • Public:  Files placed in the Public folder can be read and/or copied by anyone with Rhodes account.
  • Private:  Files placed in the Private folder can be accessed and/or viewed only by you or by anyone you allow.
  • InBox:  The InBox is set up so that all users can move files into it but they cannot view the contents within (in other words they can't open the InBox; they can only copy to it). Again, you may grant permission to anyone to view the contents of the InBox.

Files can be placed into Public, Private and InBox folders.  You cannot move a file outside of these three folders.  You can create and/or delete folders within any of these three folders.

How to Grant Access Permissions to Folders

1. Right click on the folder that you want to grant permissions

2. Select Properties from the list

3. Select the tab labeled Security

4. Click on the button labeled Edit

5. A window labeled Select Users, Computers of Groups will open. Enter the user names (separated by a semi-colon) of each person to whom you want to give access to this folder.

6. Select OK (the user name is the first part of a person's email address, i.e. everything before ""). You may also use the CRN distribution list of your class to grant permissions.

7. The new user names will appear in the Security window

8. Select the user name and then check the box labeled Modify under the Allow column. You may need to repeat this step for other users if you add multiple users.

9. When you are done modifying each of the new users, click the button labeled Apply

These accounts are used for backing up the server.  If you remove these accounts files in those folders will NOT be backed up.

Are you still stuck? Contact the HelpDesk at 901-843-3890, and we will be happy to assist.

Reviewed by J.Ott and D. Walker on 9/23/14