Moodle: Student Quick Start Guide

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Moodle is a course management system used to support online course resources at Rhodes College. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari to access the system. Course information is loaded into Moodle from our Banner system. Student information is uploaded about two weeks before a semester begins and daily during the drop/add period and for two weeks beyond the drop/add end date.

Logging in

Login to Moodle with your Rhodes username and password at


After logging in you will see a page that contains a box labeled My courses. If you are already enrolled in a course you will see it listed in this box, and all you need to do is click on the blue course name link to open it.


Using a course

In Moodle all course elements are visible on the main page. Every Moodle course is intially set up with three columns (see below). The main central column,called the Topic outline, is the primary content area, and contains links to the various elements that your instructor has posted as part of the course. These may include plain text or HTML documents, links for downloading Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, images, and links to audio/video resources or to web pages at other locations on the Internet. There may also be links to special features, such as online discussion groups (forums) and a variety of other learning activities.



In the left and right columns of a course home page (see above) are special content objects called blocks. These can be turned on and off and also moved around by your instructor, but in most cases you will see the following blocks somewhere on either the left or right side of the course home page:


Navigation. Allows you to move back and forth between courses

People. Contains an item called Participants, which is a list of the students in your class.

Activities. A list of links to various special features of this course, including any assignments, forums, quizzes, and other elements created by your instructor.

Settings--Administration. This is the place where you can view your gradebook, change your password, and modify your personal profile.

Note that clicking the "minus sign" icon in the top, left corner of each block closes it to reduce screen clutter. You can open it at any time by clicking the "plus sign" icon.


Getting around Moodle is not much different than getting around any web site: scrolling, pointing, clicking. A useful tool is the navigation bar which appears at the top of each page. This feature shows you where you are in the context of the course structure and provides quick links to get back to where you came from. Here's an example that appears at the top of a page.


Logging out

Log out of Moodle by clicking Logout in the upper, right corner of the course page.


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