What Hardware and Software Do I Need on Rhodes Campus

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I will be attending Rhodes in the fall and I need to know what to bring and what resources the campus offers. Do you have any suggestions of laptop makes and model and software suggestions?


First of all, students are free to bring any laptop to campus. A newer laptop, either Mac or PC, will work. We suggested the extended warranty. We do not recommend a Chromebook or tablet as your primary device. Barret library has over 100 computers you can use if yours is broken or if you don't have one.

Take steps to prevent losing your stuff! One of the biggest problems (and easiest to solve) for students and their computers is file management. Rhodes uses Box for cloud storage and collaboration. Go to box.rhodes.edu to sign in. You have unlimited cloud storage with Box while you are a student at Rhodes. Please DO NOT save your files on your laptop's hard drive. Laptops break and get stolen. Box is insurance against losing all your files. Go to Getting Started with Box for more information, or stop by the Helpdesk in Barret and we can show you around Box.

Please refer to wireless network information for more information about the wireless networks on campus and what they are for.

Purchasing Computer Hardware and Software

We recommend that you purchase a name-brand computer. Although Rhodes uses Dell computers in the library, computer labs and faculty offices, students are free to use other brands. Before making your purchase, however, check the Dell site for college-related discounts. Software and wireless network adapters are available for purchase through the Rhodes bookstore. You may contact them at (901) 843-3535 or the bookstore web site.

You do not need to purchase Microsoft Office for your Mac or PC! Click HERE for information about downloading the MS Office Suite for your computer.

Do not purchase antivirus software for your new computer! Click HERE for information about free virus protection that we recommend.

We want to discourage you from bringing printers on campus. Most personal printers include a built in wireless card. When these cards are active they broadcast a signal that can cause problems with the Rhodes wireless network. If you do bring a printer make sure that it does not have wireless or the wireless can be disabled. Rhodes offers ample printing in Barret library. Students can print to these printers from their personal computers wirelessly. Each student is allotted $100 for printing.

Internet-Connected Devices in Dorm Rooms

We do allow devices like game machines, smart TVs, Roku, etc. However, they do not connect in the same way you would at home. Please click HERE to learn how to register and connect a device that uses wireless in your dorm room.

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk if you have other questions: 901-843-3890

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If there are errors with these instructions, please email helpdesk@rhodes.edu.