New Laptop Recommendations

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I will be attending Rhodes in the fall and am looking to purchase a laptop soon. Do you have any suggestions of laptop makes and models?


First of all, students are free to bring any laptop to campus, so long as it meets the requirements listed below:

Please refer to wireless network information

System Windows Macintosh
Wireless Connectivity 802.11g/n that supports 802.1x authentication. Airport Card
Minimum Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Premium, Vista is supported, but we strongly suggest Windows 7 or 8. Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8)
Software Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, or 2013 Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC
Other Hardware Requirements External hard drive or USB thumb drive for file backup. 4GB or higher on a thumb drive. External hard drive or USB thumb drive for file backup. 4GB or higher on a thumb drive.

Purchasing Computer Hardware and Software

We recommend that you purchase a name brand computer. Although Rhodes uses Dell computers in the library, computer labs and faculty offices, students are free to use other brands. Before making your purchase, however, check the Dell site for college-related discounts. Software and wireless network adapters are available for purchase through the Rhodes bookstore. You may contact them at (901) 843-3535 or the bookstore web site. Microsoft also has discounts for college students for Office:

Do not purchase antivirus software for your new computer! During certification, we will install our own antivirus software on your computer and we will delete any antivirus software that you have already installed. Requiring you to run our AV software assures us that your computer and our network will both be protected.

We want to discourage you from bringing printers on campus. Most personal printers include a built in wireless card. When these cards are active they broadcast a signal that can cause problems with the Rhodes wireless network. If you do bring a printer make sure that it does not have wireless or the wireless can be disabled. Rhodes offers ample printing in Barret library. Students can print to these printers from their personal computers wirelessly. Each student is allotted $100 for printing.

Internet Connected devices

These devices are allowed on campus, but must have the ability to connect to a WPA2-Enterpise network with 802.1x authentication. This type of authentication requires the use of your Rhodes username and password to log. There is no shared key to connect to the network. Most devices like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 do not support this out of the box, but you may be able to purchase a separate wireless adapter that supports WPA2-Enterprise.