Configuring Android Devices for the Rhodes_Wireless Network

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Configuring an Android device (phone or tablet) to connect to the Rhodes_Wireless network is pretty straightforward.

These instructions work for Android 2.2 devices. Newer or older devices may use slightly different instructions.

1) Bring up the Settings screen.

2) Select Wireless & Networks.

3) Check the box to turn on Wi-Fi, if it isn't already on.

4) If you are in range of the Rhodes_Wireless network, you should see it listed. Select Rhodes_Wireless to go to the settings screen.

5) You will see that it lists the Security as 802.1x EAP. Make sure the EAP Method is set to PEAP.

6) In the Identity field, put in "rhodes\USERNAME" where USERNAME is your Rhodes username.

7) In the Password field, put in your Rhodes email or network password.

8) Click the Connect button to connect. The first connection may take 30 seconds or so. Please be patient.

When you see the wi-fi bars in the notification bar at the top of the screen, you are connected. Now, try the web browser and see if you can view Internet content to check the connection.


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