Viruses and Anti-Virus Software

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How do I prevent computer viruses and what do I do if my computer detects a virus?


All computers on the Rhodes campus run anti-virus software. This software is pre-installed on all staff and faculty machines. It is recommended that students download Microsoft Essentials or MalwareBytes, which are both free antivirus programs. You can also use Avast. The anti-virus software is already configured to prevent viruses from being able to infect your system.

In the unlikely event that a virus actually infects your system, your anti-virus software will inform you of the infection. At this point, the anti-virus software will either automatically delete the virus from your system or place the virus into a Quarantine area, where it can no longer harm your system. You may need to select the Quarantine area from the anti-virus software and select the option to delete the virus, once and for all, from your system.

If you have any questions about how to remove a virus from your computer, please contact the ITS Helpdesk. Students that suspect a virus or malware on their personal computers (not college-owned) should contact the Computer Depot


Updated on 6/23/16 by W. Trenthem