Wireless Networks on Campus--Names and Descriptions

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What wireless networks are available on the Rhodes campus? Why are there more than one?


Rhodes has a few different wireless networks on campus to serve different purposes. Here is a list of their names and uses:

    Student_Wireless: This wireless network was added to solve connectivity for Mac users who were having trouble staying connected to Rhodes_Wireless. Anyone can use this network, not just students. It's an alternative to Rhodes_Wireless and works more like wifi in public places like hotels and coffee shops. You must log in every 7 days to this network, which may be inconvenient. Click here for instructions to connect.

    ResHall_Wifi: This network was added in fall 2014 to allow devices in dorms like smart TVs, Roku, XBox, Wii, PlayStation, and anything else that does not prompt for the Rhodes username and password. This network requires registering your device (this will require the device's MAC address) and then logging in using the password "iwantmymtv" once you are registered. Click here for instructions.

    Guest_Wireless: This wireless network is available in select locations on campus where guests usually are, like Barret/Middle Ground, Burrow, and the Bryan Campus Life Center. It should only be used by guests of the college. Please call the Helpdesk to find out the most current guest wireless password if you have a visitor on campus.

Please contact or come by the Rhodes Helpdesk if you need further help with wireless connections: helpdesk@rhodes.edu or 901-843-3890. We are located on the main level of the Barret library. Please stop by with your device for the quickest help.


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